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Specialized testing for targeted treatment

One of the benefits of seeing a naturopathic doctor is length of time we spend discussing your concerns and gathering information. The more detail about your health I can get, the better I’m able to make an accurate diagnosis so we can begin treatment and get you feeling well.

Part of the process of information gathering involves a discussion of specialized testing. In order to make the most evidence-based recommendations, I often requisition tests on blood, saliva, urine and stool to look for abnormalities that may require further treatment. This can be particularly useful when looking for a root cause for fatigue, low mood, digestive upset and hormonal concerns.

One of the most clinically interesting tests I use in practice is a simple urine test that shows us how your body uses estrogen, progesterone, testosterone & cortisol – hormones that can have a significant impact on your energy level, mood, menstrual cycle, fertility and risk of future hormone-dependent health complications. A comprehensive stool analysis gives us a breakdown of how well your body is digesting carbohydrates, fat and protein, and helps us rule out infection and more serious sources of inflammation. Blood evaluation of your thyroid function lets us know if hormones are being produced at optimal levels, and if there are other factors, like an overactive immune system, that are impeding healthy energy levels.

Many of these tests dig a little deeper than a standard evaluation with your medical doctor or nurse practitioner, and can be a useful complement to conventional testing when we require more detailed information, or if results are inconclusive. Specialized testing through an ND is often covered by extended health insurance plans. If this sounds like a good next step, feel free to book a follow up or an initial consultation here.

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