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services & fees

Your initial consultation with me includes a thorough investigation into your current health issues, past medical history, daily lifestyle, and preventative health concerns. For in person appointments, this may be followed by a comprehensive physical examination. After discussing your goals we collaborate to produce a realistic treatment plan, which will be shared with you after your visit.


Your plan may include changes to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits plus the addition of therapeutic plant medicines, prescriptions, and supplements as needed. If further testing is required you will receive a requisition to complete at Lifelabs.  At the end of the visit you will also be given access to Fullscript, an online dispensary service, for convenient shipping to your home.

Sample appointment plan for perimenopause/menopause:

  • Initial consultation to discuss short, medium, and long term goals, may include lab requisition 

    • short: improve symptoms 

    • medium: support nutrition, healthy body composition

    • long: prevent osteoporosis, cognitive decline, metabolic syndrome

  • 45-60 min lab review 1-2 weeks later: initiate therapy, including hormone therapy if appropriate

  • Follow ups at 3, 6, 12, and 24 months; labs every 6-12 months if appropriate

  • more frequent follow ups every 2-4 weeks if looking for more structure, support with nutrition/lifestyle 



Visits and tests are covered by most extended health insurance plans!

in office procedures & testing:

  • physical exams

  • blood pressure checks

  • therapeutic injections: vitamin B12, vitamin D

  • acupuncture, cupping therapy

additional testing options*

  • lab testing: routine bloodwork, nutrient evaluation, hormones 

  • comprehensive stool analysis

*not covered by OHIP or part of standard visit fee

fee schedule for virtual care:

  • initial adult consultation $225

  • initial pediatric (0-17) consultation $205

  • 60 min follow up $175

  • 45 min follow up $145

  • 30 min follow up $115

  • out-of-appointment prescription renewal, lab requisition request, brief medical note $15

NOTE: the fee schedule at Antidote varies, see here for more information

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late policy

We require 24 hour's notice for any cancelled or rescheduled appointments as a courtesy to the doctor and other patients of the clinic. Same day cancellations and missed appointments will incur the full visit charge. 

accessible care

Dr. Sarah is committed to accessible care options and offers referrals to community clinics, and pay-what-you-can dates throughout the year (suggested minimum fee $40 for 25 min virtual appt).


For more information email with the subject line PWYC.

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