Integrative Medicine

Personalized health care that blends modern science with traditional wisdom
areas of focus 
Hormone Balance


Find answers and explore your options for treating menstrual concerns, including irregular cycles, acne, mood swings & pain. Reduce menopausal hot flashes, fatigue and weight gain. Address changes in libido and exercise tolerance associated with waning testosterone levels. Optimize thyroid function with and without medications.

Stress & Mood Management


Learn how to balance the demands of a busy career, family and social life with appropriate and realistic self care. Discover botanical alternatives and adjunctive care for fatigue, low mood and anxiety. Investigate nutritional deficiencies that contribute to mood instability. Create a framework for resilience that takes into consideration your individual needs. 

Digestive Health


Dive deep into the cause of your bloating, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, and bowel troubles. Discuss comprehensive testing to provide targeted relief. Tailor your diet by identifying and removing triggers for acne, eczema, and flagging energy. Restore balance and optimize your digeston to lay the foundation for total wellness. 



Prepare yourself and your partner for a healthy pregnancy. Regulate your cycle, improve sperm parameters & egg quality. Boost your energy during pregnancy and reduce nausea & discomfort. Prepare for labour, delivery and the first few weeks post-partum. 

Pain & Injury


Short term relief and long term solutions to chronic pain, repetitive strain and sports injuries. Learn how to reduce inflammation and support your body's ability to repair itself faster. Natural alternatives to over the counter pain relief without the side effects.