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Connect the dots. 

Build the bridge to better health. 

Personalized health care that dives deep to create meaningful change.


Like many of you, my personal health care journey involves lots of question asking.

Why do I feel this way?

What does this mean?

What can I do to feel better?

What's actually going on in there?

My questions led me to naturopathic medicine.

I became fascinated with how the intricate parts of our bodies communicate with each other and with the environment. 

I chose naturopathic medicine because I believe in patient-centred, collaborative health care that puts the tools for long term wellness in your hands.  

Relationships are the cornerstone of my practice. 

I provide a safe and positive treatment space where you are encouraged to ask questions and voice your preferences. There is no 'one size fits all' prescription for health, but there are evidence-based protocols that we should talk about! 

I take the time to work with you to come up with realistic and meaningful health goals and treatment plans. My patients guide my practice, and I learn from their experiences every day.

areas of focus 
Healthy Hormones


Find answers and explore your options for treating menstrual concerns, including irregular cycles, acne, mood swings & pain. Get evidence based support for hot flashes, fatigue, sleep disruptions and weight gain. Discuss prescription hormone therapy to support thyroid function, menopause symptoms and reduce long term risks to bones, cognitive function, and your cardiovascular systems.

Stress & Mood Management


Discusss how to balance the demands of a busy career, family and social life with appropriate and realistic self care. Discover botanical alternatives and/or adjunctive care for fatigue, low mood and anxiety. Investigate nutritional deficiencies that contribute to mood instability. Create a framework for resilience that takes into consideration your individual needs. 



Prepare yourself and your partner for a healthy pregnancy. Regulate your cycle, improve sperm parameters & egg quality. Boost your energy during pregnancy and reduce nausea & discomfort. Prepare for labour, delivery and your new life post-partum.

Get support for post-partum healing, including comprehensive lab testing and treatment to manage energy, sleep, nutrition as a new parent.  

Digestive Health


Dive deep into the cause of your bloating, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, and bowel troubles. Discuss comprehensive testing to provide more clarity in diagnosis. Learn about nutritional and therapeutic approaches to acne, eczema, and flagging energy. Restore balance and optimize your nutrient absorption to lay the foundation for better overall health.

Pain & Injury


Short term relief and long term solutions to chronic pain, repetitive strain and sports injuries. Learn how to reduce inflammation and support your body's ability to repair itself faster. Natural alternatives to over the counter pain relief without the side effects. 

services & fees

Your initial consultation with me includes a thorough investigation into your current health issues, past medical history, daily lifestyle, and preventative health concerns. For in person appointments, this may be followed by a comprehensive physical examination. After discussing your goals we collaborate to produce a realistic treatment plan, which will be shared with you after your visit.


Your plan may include changes to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits plus the addition of therapeutic plant medicines, prescriptions, and supplements as needed. If further testing is required you will receive a requisition to complete at Lifelabs.  At the end of the visit you will also be given access to Fullscript, an online dispensary service, for convenient shipping to your home.

Sample appointment plan for hormone concerns:

  • Initial consultation to discuss short, medium, and long term goals, may include lab requisition 

    • short: improve symptoms 

    • medium: support nutrition, mood, healthy body composition

    • long: prevent osteoporosis, cognitive decline, metabolic syndrome

  • 45-60 min lab review 1-2 weeks later: initiate therapy, including hormone therapy if appropriate

  • Follow ups at 3, 6, 12, and 24 months; labs every 6-12 months if appropriate

  • more frequent follow ups every 2-4 weeks if looking for more structure, support with nutrition/lifestyle 

in office procedures & testing:

  • physical exams

  • therapeutic injections: vitamin B12, vitamin D

  • acupuncture, cupping therapy

additional testing options*:

  • lab testing: routine bloodwork, nutrient evaluation, hormones 

  • comprehensive stool analysis

  • food sensitivity testing

*not covered by OHIP 

fee schedule for virtual care:

  • initial adult consultation $225 ​

  • initial pediatric (0-17) consultation $205

  • 60 min follow up $175

  • 45 min follow up $145

  • 30 min follow up $115

  • out-of-appointment prescription renewal, lab requisition request, brief medical note $15

  • all fees are HST exempt

  • NOTE: In person fees at Antidote Wellness Labs differ, please see here for more information & booking

Fog and Nature

work with me


Secure phone or video appointments for patients in Ontario. This is a great option for initial appointments, lab review and progress check ins. Flexible scheduling and no commute!


Tuesday and Thursday appointments in the heart of the Junction. In person appointments are best suited to physical exams, acupuncture, cupping, and injections. Also great if you need a break from WFH life. 

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